• Ways to Cope After Losing a Loved One

    Each year millions of Americans have to deal with losing a loved one. This can make for a very difficult time, and it’s not easy to deal with a loss. Grieving is a natural process, and it isn’t the same for everyone. While everyone will mourn the loss of a loved one, some will grieve for a longer period of time or have more difficulty dealing with everyday activities than others do.

    Keep in mind that there is no right or wrong way (or timeline) when it comes to dealing with the loss of a loved one. What you can do, however, is utilize some tips to help you cope after a loved one has passed away.

    One way to cope is by focusing on being mindful. Mindfulness has to do with being aware of your feelings and being proactive about approaching your life in a new way. It’s about learning how to control your grief so it does not control you.

    Being reflective is a good way to get started. Think back to other painful times in your life and how you were able to deal with them. This could be the loss of another loved one, or another painful circumstance such as losing a job, the passing of a pet, or going through a bad breakup.

    Think about the strategies you used to cope and then consider if those were effective and should be used again. Learning from our past can help make our future easier, so figure out what works for you when dealing with grief.

    Staying centered is also important when it comes to dealing with a loss. Try not to block your feelings, but acknowledge them instead. Try to stay calm and focused by trying techniques like deep breathing, meditation, or yoga to feel more grounded.

    Look to the future so you can see past this difficult time in your life. Consider how you may want to make positive changes to your life and spend some time focusing on things that make you happy, like hobbies. Seeing a future for yourself is a good way to stay positive and hopeful.

    Cincinnati Catholic Cemetery Society can help you cope with the loss of a loved one and walk you through each step of the process.

  • Memorial Options to Remember Your Loved One

    Losing a loved one makes for a very tough time, but thankfully there are a variety of options available to remember and memorialize them once they have passed away. Cincinnati Catholic Cemetery Society is proud to offer several memorial options including:

    Memorial Benches – Benches can be purchased in the memory or in the honor of a loved one. They provide a comfortable area for visitors to rest and are placed close to a chosen location.

    Urns – Urns provide a peaceful final resting place for those who are cremated. Cremated remains can be buried or placed in a columbarium memorial. Popular urn options include:

    • Metal Urns

    • Granite Urns

    • Bronze Urns

    • Ceramic Urns

    • Cloisonne Urns

    • Marble Urns

    • Wooden Urns

    Burial Vaults – Protect your loved one’s casket from heavy cemetery equipment and the weight of the earth. Most vaults can be customized and are available in a variety of styles including:

    • Venetian® Burial Vault

    • Custom Tribute Venetian

    • Legacy Venetian

    • Venetian Breast Cancer

    • Continental® Burial Vault

    • Lined Cemetery Vault

    Cremation Vaults – Similar to burial vaults, these vaults protect your loved one’s ashes and are available in a variety of styles, shapes, and sizes including bronze, copper, stainless, and lined.

    Cincinnati Catholic Cemetery Society provides Catholic burials and funerals at St. Joseph Catholic Cemetery, St. Mary Catholic Cemetery, St. John Cemetery, and Baltimore Pike Cemetery. We also offer unique remembrances such as memory medallions and Light of Hope luminary eternal lights. Visit our memorials and vaults page to learn more and see some of our galleries.

  • Why You Should Plan Ahead When It Comes to Your Funeral

    Being the guest of honor is usually a joyous occasion, however, that isn’t the case at your own funeral. While some people never make their wishes known, others pre-plan their funeral or memorial service and make their preferences known to their loved ones.

    Not only will this option allow you to be remembered the way you prefer, it can also make it easier on your family in their time of grief. Planning a funeral can be quite stressful, especially if your loved ones don’t know what you would have wanted. There are plenty of choices to be made, from whether to be buried or cremated to having an open or closed casket if you choose to be preserved.

    Some people are of the mindset of “I don’t care what happens to me after I’m dead”. While this may be true, leaving the burden on your family can make a difficult time even more stressful. You may think your family knows you well enough to know what you would want, but if you don’t make those preferences known, preferably in writing, they may not be carried out.

    You can also opt to pay some or all of your funeral costs ahead of time, easing the financial burden on your loved ones. Don’t be afraid to have an end of life discussion with your loved ones if you learn you are ill, or even if not.

    For a Catholic funeral, you should also consider which passages of scripture you would like read at your service as well as what music you would like to be played. Knowing all of your choices ahead of time can help make your preferences known so your family and friends can celebrate your life once you have moved on. Contact Cincinnati Catholic Cemetery Society today for more information.

  • Learn More About CCCS and the Cemeteries We Operate

    Since 1843, the Cincinnati Catholic Cemetery Society has been helping families plan their final arrangements and commit loved ones to the peace of our Lord. Cincinnati Catholic Cemetery Society is not the only thing that CCCS stands for; we are committed to Care, Concern, Cooperation, and Service.

    We currently operate four cemeteries: St. Joseph Catholic Cemetery, St. Mary Catholic Cemetery, St. John Cemetery, and Baltimore Pike Cemetery.

    • St. Joseph Catholic Cemetery – First consecrated by German Catholics in 1843, this historic cemetery is located at West 8th Street and Seton Avenue in Prince Hill. We serve Catholics from all nationalities at this 128-acre facility with burial plots available. In 1998 the St. Joseph chapel and mausoleum were completed with about 4,000 crypt spaces. Columbaria were developed for above ground cremation burial in 2013.

    • St. Mary Catholic Cemetery – Centrally located in St. Bernard, St. Mary Catholic Cemetery dates all the way back to 1873. With that history in mind, we continue to open new sections including the new mausoleum the Christ Our Savior Chapel. Statues formerly located at Our Lady of Angels High School and former churches St. Thomas Aquinas and St. Patrick are located in the mausoleum.

    • St. John Catholic Cemetery – Established in 1849, St. John Catholic Cemetery is now home to less than two dozen burials each year. The grounds are meticulously maintained and this location remains beautiful and peaceful.

    • Baltimore Pike Cemetery – Situated on 100 acres atop one of Western Cincinnati’s highest hills, the Baltimore Pike Cemetery is a peaceful final resting place and provides a beautiful view of the Clifton area. Sometimes home to deer and wild turkeys as well as flowering trees, this location offers panoramic views and will put your mind at ease.

    To learn more about Cincinnati Catholic Cemetery Society, contact us today.